YEAR. 2008
GENRE. Documentary
DIRECTOR. Ulrike Pfaff
PRODUCTION. Instinctive Film
CAST. Raja Nehab, Hanna Oppenheimer, Hilel Yaron, Nadar Yaron, Pauline Speyer, Eran Speyer, Coby Lay, Guy Raanan


Hazorea an Utopia built from nothing but stone and the desire for something special.

Hazorea is one of the last remaining Kibbutz’s which maintains its communist ideal.

Approximately 1000 people live together under the same ideals created by the first generation of inhabitants.

To suit the demands of the youth, things have to change.

The new generation finds it difficult to live with the old ideals, which means that the community is at a vital stage of possible breakdown.

This documentary explores the mixed feelings about a dream that was and the future to come during the final days of the election.

TRAILER. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a2jGHwlnTLM