The Bear Trap

YEAR. 2014
GENRE. Thriller
DIRECTOR. Joern Heitmann
PRODUCTION. Darryn Welch


Whilst travelling through the mountains to visit their grandparents, RAY and his two kids AMBER and JAMES find they are heading into the full fury of a powerful snow storm. On the final stretch of the journey Ray finds the road ahead blocked and a Local Sheriff Ray insists an exhausted Ray takes a break from the road.

The only stop for miles is a dilapidated truck stop inhabited with unfriendly locals. When a menacing looking stranger starts to take an interest in his children, Ray decides against all advisement to continue on his journey. Whilst traversing the treacherous mountain road RaY ends up crashing down a deep ravine.
Lost and completely alone in a snow drift the family manages to survive the night in their upturned SUV only to be suddenly attacked by a ferocious bear. Just when they are about to be eaten alive they are rescued by a woman named Louise.

Believing help has finally arrived Ray helps the children out of the SUV only for Louise to kidnap the children and knock ray out, leaving him for dead in the middle of nowhere.

Ray must now use all his ingenuity and cunning to escape the SUV, track down his children and then recuse them from a psychotic woman who is both an experienced hunter and survival expert. The story culminates in a jack knifing game of cat and mouse as Ray attempts to outwit Louise on her own turf and rescue his children.