YEAR. 2009
GENRE. Thriller/Horror
DIRECTOR. Darryn Welch
PRODUCTION. Instinctive Film presents a Versatile Film production
CAST. Natassia Malthe, Sam Page, David Gant, Michael Maxwell, Howard Marks


A dream vacation quickly turns into a nightmare when David (SAM PAGE) and his gorgeous fiance Gerogi (MALTHE) go to Spain so that she can learn more about the man that David may eventually become, his father an egotistical womaniser with connections to the mob.

Whilst out for a night on the town in Marbella, Georgi mysteriously goes missing when David leaves the room for a brief moment. No one in the club seems to know what has happened to her and those who do, dont want to tell.

David learns that his fiance may have been kidnapped by a violent madman known as the White Arab who keeps a harem of beautiful woman hostage aboard his luxurious private yacht moored secretly in the Mediterranean.

David must locate the boat and somehow rescue Georgie from this psychopath before it is too late.