YEAR. 2008
GENRE. Dark Comic Drama
DIRECTOR. Nancy Kissam
PRODUCTION. Instinctive Film, Upload Films
CAST. Laura Harring, Jill Marie Jones, James DuMont, Rebecca Newman, Christopher Newhouse, Ashley Duggan Smith


The relationship between an abused housewife and her new neighbor yields unexpected tragedy in his drama from first-time writer/director Nancy Kissam. Her kids can’t stand her, her husband is a tyrant, and her family may live in the middle of nowhere, but Anora Fleece (Laura Harring) still does her best to make the most out of life. When Imogene Cochran (Jill Marie Jones) moves in next door, the two women become fast friends. Imogene sells cosmetics for Kathy K. Kosmetics, a company that caters exclusively to the cocoa-skinned woman. Despite the fact that such women aren’t generally welcomed with open arms in Anora’s neck of the woods, it isn’t long before she and Imogene have found a common ground. And before long, their friendship develops into something more serious. But Anora’s husband, Cheb (Oded Fehr), is exactly the kind of intolerant brute that has cemented their town’s backward reputation, and when he discovers the truth about the two women, all hell breaks lose. In the chaos, Anora grabs a gun and accidentally shoots her husband dead. With nothing to lose and nowhere to run, Anora and Imogene toss Cheb’s corpse in the trunk, load the kids in the car, and head out on a “family” road trip to bury the man who caused them so much grief.

TRAILER. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_etcEBrKdD8